LRP-D Spading Machine

LRP-D Deep Spading Machine

The LRP-D Deep Spading Machine is Developed for heavier conditions and greater working depth. With a maximum working depth of 33.46” (85 cm), this deep spader creates an even soil structure that increases yield. The LRP-D is fitted with a transmission case that can take up to 200 HP and has a power take-off thrust of 1,000 r.p.m.


  • Special blades for excellent mixing to great depths

  • Optimum, even soil structure

  • A good machine for all conditions

  • Can be used in a three-point hitch

  • Very user-friendly and easy to maintain

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Type LRP-D 250 | LRP-D 280
Working width 250 cm | 280 cm
Working depth max.85 cm
Weight 2005 kg | 2115 kg
Power Hp/Kw 82/110 | 103/140
Number of blades 18 | 18
Capacity Max. 0,3 ha/uur
PTO rpm 1000 rpm.

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